Selling a Condo in Pili city Heres How to protect it from Water Damage and Increase Its Value

Water damage is one of the most common condo damage disasters affecting most of the homes in Pili City. When neglected they lead to costly to repairs, which at the end lowers their price drastically. If you want to get a good value for your condo, it is therefore very crucial knowing just how to protect it from this water damage. Here are tips to help you through.

Inspecting Hoses and Faucets

Be prompt in checking the hoses that lead to various appliances in the house. This includes appliances such as water heaters, dishwashers, refrigerators and freezers. Keep them in check as often as possible to prevent any traces of water leaks. Also be prompt to replace cracked hoses and leaks to prevent further damages in your Condo.

Check the Showers and the Bath Tubs

Sometimes it may become very hard to notice broken seals and caulking around showers and tubs. Check them regularly to make sure they are water tight. If there are leaks, the damage may be extensive in a short time, making the overall price of your condo reduce.

Shutting the Water Supply

It is very undeniable that at times we forget to turn off the water inlets in our homes. apartments and condos. Before leaving your condo, be sure not leave the water supplies open. Be it in the toilets, taps and various washers.

Location of the Main Water Valve.

Do you know the location of the main water valve in your condo? Well, you should. This helps you to understand the source of the water and possible piping in your condo. It is also important you know the location of the main valve in order to shut the water supply should a damaged water pipe send water racing back in to your condo. Besides, what will you tell your potential clients if they ask about it?

Caulk and Seal Windows

Given the weather changes in Pili city, it becomes difficult to predict when the weather might change when you are away. Caulking and sealing windows helps prevent the water from rainfall seeping into your condo.

Being on the lookout for such minor problems can help prevent for major problems which leave you digging deeper into your pocket during the repair of such damages. If you want to get a good price for your condo when selling, you must know all its ins and outs.

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