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The facilities and amenities of a community will make or break the property. Of course, you expect more than average amenities from a well-designed property such as CAMELLA Pili. This neighborhood will not disappoint, as some of the best facilities you want are right here waiting for you. 

You will be in awe of this cozy property  with its majestic, elegantly-designed entrance gate. Add to this is the presence of the 24/7 roving security guards to ensure the property’s safety and security. You and your family members will be taken care of well in this neighborhood. Nothing beats a safe and secure neighborhood – ‘right?  Trust the CAMELLA group to ensure that this is done for for their residents’ peace of mind.  

Everyone wants to celebrate one way or another, be it a birthday, baptismal party, bridal shower or graduation. Or maybe have a regular catch-up with friends or you may do a videoke singing session for more fun and excitement. Don’t worry as this community can offer you that  place to do all your bonding and fun times. CAMELLA Pili has a clubhouse where special events and milestones can be held. This will not take too much of your time as it is just within the property so less costs and less time and effort to scout for a venue outside your home. 

For the sporty and active homeowners, there are both open and covered ball courts – basketball and tennis courts for your leisure.  Practice your games here and should the weather is not good; you can opt to do it indoors. Form teams with family and friends and play competitive games. Surely, it will be a great bonding that will keep everyone fit and healthy. Show off your prowess in both tennis and basketball. 

As you stroll around the community, you will notice a lot of themed leisure pocket gardens on top of the regular landscaped gardens all around you. Just bask in the refreshing green and lush sceneries around as you catch the early morning sunrise or end your days with the beautiful sunset. Just remember, to stop and smell the roses whenever you’re feeling it. Appreciate all the blooms and plants around. Live your life in full colors. 

The kids will be happy to know that there’s a swimming pool and a playground for them. Well, adults and parents can join in frolicking in the pool with their children. Weekends to be spent there will be exciting, not to mention very convenient. Indulge in those special occasions or you can do this as regularly as you can – maybe weekly or bi-monthly. While playing, the parents and siblings can just lounge around and read their favorite books or do their own thing as long as they will enjoy the surroundings. The kids will surely love to have their dear ones around as they swim and play. 

Due to its sprawling background, there are common outdoor areas for all age groups so expect frequent bonding times with your neighbors and friends when you are here. 

Last but certainly not the least on the list of exciting amenities is the commercial area that is to be set-up within the community. What comfort and convenience it would be, don’t you agree?  No need to step out for life’s simple joys like shop, dine or have a coffee outside. The commercial area will take care of this. The residents who are also business-minded can get their own small businesses going if they think that will be feasible on the commercial center within their neighborhood. It will be an advantage since your place of work is very near your home. Great, isn’t it?

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